Highlights and Testimonies

I had *never* participated in VBS before. Ever. I didn't grow up in a Christian home and even when I became a believer, VBS just wasn't something that my schedule allowed for. So, when Pastor Evan and Jess asked me to do crafts, I was super excited and then really quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing or signing up for! Thankfully, they provided some guidance and have told me I did a good job. Another benefit of volunteering at VBS -- aside from watching children hear the Gospel and learn about a different part of God's character -- was allowing Marcus to participate.

We gave him the option to stay home every night because it was past his bedtime but he always chose to come to VBS. Every night when we were driving home, I'd ask him, "Marcus, what did you learn at VBS tonight?" His answers - and the thought required to form an answer - showed how tired he got as the week progressed:

Monday: We learned about God and Jesus and Jonah. Jonah disobeyed.
Tuesday: We learned about Jonah.
Wednesday: We didn't learn anything but we had a lot of fun.
Thursday: We didn't learn anything. We had a little bit of fun.

I'm sure you can guess that my expectations for Friday were very low. But, just like God, Marcus amazes me. It is such a blessing to watch this boy grow and get glimpses into the work God is doing in his mind and heart.

Jessica: Marcus, what did you learn today at VBS?
Marcus: God and Jesus.
J: Anyone else?
M: Jonah.
J: Yeah. What did Jonah do?
M: He disobeyed God. He went to Tarshish.
J: Yup. Then what happened?
M: Consequence.
J: Yeah, Jonah had a consequence.
M: He got eat-ed by a big fish.
J: He sure did.
M: Mommy? Will I get eat-ed by a big fish?
J: No, Marcus, you won't get eaten by a big fish.
M: Ok. That would not be good.
J: No, but you still need to obey God and Mommy and Daddy, right?
M: RIGHT!...because I don't want to be eat-ed by a big fish.

   Weeks later he surprised us by telling us he was going on a pretend airplane to George, South Africa (conveniently located in our kitchen) to build churches. We are so thankful for the children's ministries in general, and specifically VBS that FBC offers to our children. Watching Marcus grow in his understanding of God has been such an encouragement to us in our faith and also our walk as parents. Marcus and I are already so excited about VBS next year, and if Claire has her way, she has already expressed a strong desire to come too! In the meantime, we eagerly await the return of AWANA in the fall and praise God for the work He's doing year round in our lives!

Jessica, Craft Director 2021