AWANA Club meets Wednesday evenings (Sept. - Apr.) from 6:25-8:00. It is open to grades K - 6 (7th - 12th grades are in Youth Group.)

You can register your child here.

Please view our COVID-19 Policies below

Watch the videos below to learn more about AWANA and how you as a parent can encourage your child.


  • Registration will be online only. Registration can be found at Contact Pastor Evan if this is not possible.

  • All clubbers must be registered prior to AWANA meeting.


COVID-19 Policy/Hygiene Precautions

  • Anyone that has COVID-19 symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone with symptoms, within the last ten days are asked to stay home until the symptoms have been gone for 24 hours without medical aid.

  • Any clubber with a temperature of 100° or higher will be sent home.

    • Clubbers whose parents are attending Bible Study & Prayer Service will have their temperature taken prior to check-in.

    • Temperatures will be taken in the parking lot before any clubbers are dropped off.

  • Leaders/Directors will disinfect rooms during transition times.

  • Van Ministry:

    • Please contact Pastor Evan if your child needs a ride on the van.

    • Clubbers will need to have registered before being allowed on the van.

    • Van driver will have a list of names that have been registered. Only clubbers on this list will allowed to ride the van.

    • Temperatures will be taken for each registered clubber prior to getting on the van.

      • Any clubber with a temperature of 100° or higher, or that has come in contact with someone that has COVID-19 symptoms within the last week, will not be allowed on the van.

    • No food or drink allowed in the van.

  • Currently per governor mandate, everyone is required to wear masks, unless one falls under one of the exemptions. 

    • Clubbers will not have to wear masks during game time