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Welcome to Refuge

Refuge is First Baptist Church's youth group for middle & high school students. Teens in our community need an opportunity to socialize while being challenged and encouraged to grow in their faith. The gatherings will be fun, relevant, and built on a biblical foundation and worldview.  

The Details


Refuge will employ a variety of content and social formats. Some evenings current social issues will be discussed. Other evenings will include games, worship and praise nights, and an occasional movie night (with titles provided to parents beforehand), followed by discussion of the films and their relevance to our Christian walks. More ambitious events, like ski trips, day hikes, or an overnight campout, will also be organized a few times a year.

Refuge will meet roughly every other Friday from 7-8:30 pm. Please see the church calendar page for specific dates.

If you have questions about Refuge, please contact David or Jessica King. They can be reached by phone at (406) 883-1678 or you can text (406) 300-2880.

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